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Hack Club-India

We are trying to make it the best place to be on the internet as a teenager 🌎

What is Hack Club ?


Hack Club is an initiative for students by students. Hack Club is a place that lets you tinker, break, and rebuild. After all, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs 🍳

A group of students gather to start coding. Many are beginners.

You start hacking. Everyone starts hacking from day one. We provide our workshops as a roadmap to your coding journey.

You start making awesome real-world projects from day one.

Make awesome projects. Start making awesome projects along with other hack club members and share it with the world.

At the end of the day, you exhibit your project to the community.

You start sharing. Everyone in the Hack Club demos their projects with others in the club at the end of their club meeting.

Join a global community !

Community 🌏

Hack Club is a global community of hackers and with Hack Club, you get access to a super awesome community that will help you to learn, share, and grow.

Join our slack >

We run our community over slack, join hack club's slack to chat with the other hack clubbers around the world.

A Global Community!

We are available on the #india channel on the hack club's slack. Join us there and be part of the community.

Join us on #india!

Share with the world !

Scrapbook πŸ“™

Share your projects and daily updates on Hack Club's Scrapbook! We know how good it feels to be able to share your ideas and work with others and that is what Scrapbook is for, go check it out!


The Scrapbook is the place where you can share what you are doing and see what your peers are doing!

Take me there >

Organize and attend hackathons!


Hack club members are running the largest hackathons across the world. We will give you full support right from day one which includes mentorship, stickers, and assistance for successfully running your hackathon.

Hack clubs regularly organizes hackathons,workshops and lot of events.

Attend awesome hackathons!

Hack club's philosophy is learning by doing. Attend nearby hack club events and bring out the innovator inside you!

Make Projects

Start your own Hack Club!

Apply for Hack Club 🧒

You can apply for your own hack club if you don’t have a hack club near you. We are always looking for great club leaders and we will be more than happy to help you out in starting your club. Summer 2020 applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Join the movement!

Apply for a hack club and make a community of makers. We are looking for people like you to widespread the movement.

Apply for hack club >

Hack clubs are communities of makers and we would be more than happy to help you make your own hack club!

Make a community!